What is the Greyman Technology newsletter?

A free newsletter that explores online anonymity and pseudonymity, published somewhat regularly.

Who the heck is writing this stuff?

My name is Chris Powell, and I’m a strategic technology advisor. For over 25 years, I have been fueled by helping people improve their relationship with technology. I also enjoy sharing information that I’ve learned with anyone who is inclined to listen. Hence, the Greyman Technology newsletter is my outlet to share information with the world, just putting ideas and mindsets out there for your consideration.

What is a Greyman?

In societal terms, a Greyman is someone who possesses skills to blend into any situation or surrounding such as dressing inconspicuously od acting in a way that does not draw attention in a crowd. I’m attempting to make connections with this mindset and our technological life.

Why should I subscribe?

Because you are a curious person who is interested in a professional tech’s perspective. Or you are someone who is getting concerned with how the world is taking steps toward a full-fledged surveillance society thanks to the insane amount of data collected by the big technology giants.

This information is GOLD! How do I send you money?

I’m not doing this newsletter for financial gain. I already have a successful day job and a thriving freelance consulting business. But I appreciate your generosity! If something that I post provides value for you, please share it with others? They might find value from it as well.

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Chris Powell

Strategic technology advisor. THE Canvas Admin for Western Washington University. Aspiring digital ghost.